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Build Digital Products that last

Our mission is to build digital products that last. By being reasonable product craftsmen, we’re able to avoid surprises and focus on the quality of the software we deliver.


Meet People behind Spork Labs

Prasun Pal, Senior Software Architect.

Prasun Pal

Senior Software Architect

React Native expert, open source contributor, ex-National level Cricketer a champion at everything he does. He is the one who helps us improve our standards every day. Never compromises on quality and delivers excellence.

Nithin K

Team Lead

A Rails expert.  Nithin makes sure our backend performs at its best. Passing his code reviews is not an easy task for our devs. His leadership skills and hardworking nature has helped the company immensely in its growth.

Rahul Rajeevan

Senior Software Engineer

A prankster at heart is an expert in native and web development.  Always helps the team with anything technical & has lead many projects to success. Big lover of cross-platform technologies and has an immense contribution to the company’s growth.

Suman Ghosh

Senior Software Engineer

He is the guy who will fix your refrigerator if you ask for it. Joined us since the beginning he has worked on Rails, NodeJS, React, React Native, Dev Ops and what not. A resource who is immensely responsible for our growth. He is a Rails guy by heart.

Pinky Boro

Senior Quality Analyst

Our remote employee working from the natural northeastern part of India. Having tested complex security solutions at Nomura in her previous job, she is an expert at quality analysis who makes sure we always deliver top-notch end products.

Nidhin P

Software Development Engineer - 2

ReactJS expert. He is an ex-hardware engineer who left his job to follow his passion for coding. He loves solving complex challenges and gets excited when other say this is too tough to fix. In his free time, he is trying to become a React core contributor.

Unnati Gupta

Associate Software Engineer

An absolute gem, she joined us as a fresher and has dedicated herself to learning ReactJS and anything related. Focused and hard-working she has been delivering excellence with whatever she is assigned.

Akash Anand

Senior Software Engineer

Has been leading ReactJS projects since he joined and delivers quality, our clients love him for his discipline and we love him for his innocent chit chats. Loves music from the 90s and you will often find him humming his favorites.

Sourav Mahato

Senior Software Engineer

A full stack guy NodeJS & React Native expert. He is the one who does & even wants to know every technical detail of a project. Has been declared employee of the quarter twice in a row. Yes, he is that good. In his free time, he is busy exploring Machine learning & AI.

Rohit Singh

Software Development Engineer - 1

Rohit is Ex-Amazon, Ex-Accenture Tech support lead who never lost his love for coding. He interviewed with us for a 1+ year experience job and cracked it. He has some excellent contributions to our ReactJS projects since then.

Tanmay Nayak

Software Development Engineer-1

Tanmay who got into React Native from Android, is an excellent add-on to our team as he often helps us with React Native plugins that we develop. We have nicknamed him Baba as he always seems to be in a medititive mood.

Ananya Datta

Software Development Engineer-1

Ex-Zynga, he joined us because he loved our company values, he is an innocent soul who enjoys walking. He has excellent contributions to our ReactJS projects and develop games in his own free time. Search with his name on Play Store.

Debasish Dhal

Software Development Engineer-2

Rails expert and an excellent Football player, is one of the coolest guys we have. You will always find him smiling and enjoying his work. We have been requesting him to learn ReactJS, but his love for Rails does not allow him any extra time.

Chris Larson, Spork Labs

Chris Larson

Managing Partner, USA

Chris started his career in 1999 from Utah. Since then, he’s been all over the US working in different capacities as a designer and developer of applications and websites for startups. He and Miles started Spork Labs to accommodate the demand for quality work Spork has become known for. He feels grateful and fortunate to have a great group of skilled designers and engineers that help create what Spork Labs is today.

Nandish Chetty

Software Development Engineer-1

Nandish joined us as a fresher and has trained himself to become an excellent Rails guy. He has delivered some good work and has been improving his game almost every day.

Suraj Gantayat

Associate Quality Analyst

Suraj is the cool dude every company should have, a great sportsman and a great human being, he helps us deliver excellent products by finding the unexpected bugs.

Abhilash MV Reddy

Software Development Engineer-2

Abhilash our full stack developer with an excellent knowledge of both Rails and React, he is one of the most disciplined people we have, a man of his words. Has delivered multiple small sized projects single-handedly with no support.

Mantu Gaur

Office Admin Assistant

The person without which our place would have been a mess, we are blessed to have this excellent soul taking care of us. He does everything that we do not have time to do while we are busy coding.

Princy Morris

Senior Office Administrator

She deals with the paperwork and handles all of our vendors. Has a don’t mess with me attitude which keeps our vendor at check and our office as it should be.

Neha Singh

HR Head

Handling a small team with not much support is no small feat. She makes sure that our development team is never short of resources & also makes sure that the team is having the best of time by organizing Game Day, Movie nights, Day outs, Futsal nights etc for us.

Vishal Kumar Singh

Managing Partner, India

Experienced Managing Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Expert in Front End Development, Requirements Analysis, Agile Methodologies and most of the popular JavaScript frameworks.


Choose positivity

Approach things in positive
& optimistic way. Avoid criticizing
& condeming team members.

Be Transparent

We take pride in opportunities to
share our beliefs, failures, strengths
& decisions with honesty.

Listen First

We take pride in calling ourselves,
great listeners. We listen first, then
listen more before responding.

Spork Labs, Be Humble, Be Positive, No Exploitation, Listen First, Fitness First

Be Humble

We are considerate in conversations,
accept our faults & limitations.
Treat all with immense respect.

No Exploitation

We work to have a better life not to be
a disaster in the end. We encourage
focused work over long working hours.

Fitness First

Fitness is a commonly discussed
subject here. We are regulars at gyms,
yoga centers, & futsal grounds.

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