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The Bug Inside

Where do we start this story?

The story which covers my journey from being a Tech support guy to getting back to my true love that was coding. I’m an amateur writer and this is my first story. So fellow readers, please let go if I go wrong anywhere.

I start with the way my life was when I was working for MNC’s such as Amazon and then Accenture respectively in Technical Support field. Although I was working here, I always had the inclination and love towards coding. I used to learn and code whenever I got some time with the hope that one day I will get the opportunity.

My day or rather nights in Technical Support would begin after 9 pm and go up to 8 am in the morning as I used to have night shifts. The food habits due to which became abnormal and I was forcing my body every day to go against the normal cycle of life, which was unhealthy. It did not stop me from working hard, delivering great numbers and earn a place to finally become a Team Lead. But at the days’ end, there was no life outside no concept of work-life balance.

I was desperate for a change as this life was not for me and I was ‘meant to live’. Like the song from Switchfoot :).

Switchfoot-Meant to Live

Finally, after 4 years I decided to change things and be a software developer. The bug inside me was finally coming of age and it pushed me to work towards this role by going through mock tests and interviews. This story is so boring until now, but, hey wait up, that was my life before.

I saw a job posting for the role of Software Developer at SporkLabs and they had one open position for 1+ year experience guy. This company’s biggest principle tagline was the first thing that inspired me to apply for a job here, i.e. Be Humble. I applied and after two interview attempts, I was hired.

Now I have a job that I love and a life after. I have fixed shifts, week-offs. People actually care about the health out here!. I have added a wonderful insight into the programming world and was helped by talented people who excel at training novices. I have been trained in Vanilla HTML/CSS, JS, ReactJS even on basic things like How browser works?

Image result for react icons

Along with the learning, we also have so much fun together. We have a game day every week, we go for team outings once a month. We just concluded PS4 FIFA Challenge and Diwali Decorations Competitions and are gearing up for in-house Movie night & Game Day in the coming weeks. Such an outstanding atmosphere seems like I’m in a dream. This company has redefined the meaning of Team Work for me and I’m glad I never gave up and kept trying to get into a job where I can code.

The most important thing to do for me was to follow my passion. My plan is to gain more perspective into react JS and be a better human being every day. As I would say in my Tech Support days:- Thank you for your patience:). Have a good one!. 

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